Development of Allithwaite Upper Parish Community Plan

The  Development of the Parish’s Community Plan commenced with a public meeting held on Wednesday 27 September 2006 in Lindale Village Hall. The meeting was attended by 40 residents of the Parish. It was subsequently completed in May 2008 and adopted as a planning document by the Parish Council in July 2008.

What is a Community Plan?

Essentially an Action Plan developed by the local community setting out a vision of what is important, how new development can best be fitted in, the design and quality standards it should meet, how to preserve valued local features and to map out the facilities that the community needs to safeguard the future of the Parish

So – Why do a Community Plan?

  • To reflect the views and feelings of local people. It’s a chance for local people and organisations to get involved in making a difference in their own area.
  • The development of a Community Plan is an opportunity for the issues and concerns to be written down and discussed.
  • Community Plans can be used to make sure local concerns and characteristics are taken into account before any planning decisions are made. The Plan is also an important document that can be fed into other plans and strategies.
  • To provide and articulate to South Lakeland District Council, Cumbria County Council and other stakeholders a better understanding and appreciation of the issues that are causing our community the most concern as well as drawing together our aspirations of how we envisage things should be in the future.
  • To give our community an opportunity to have a say in how our area and services are managed.
  • To raise awareness of environmental and social issues that affect our community and to provide us with the opportunity to convey our views to the principal authorities and service providers.
  • To identify and address local concerns.
  • To improve relationships with principal authorities and service providers.

Who decides what the plan contains?

All members of the local community (youngest to eldest) through: the development of the Community Plan in partnership with local groups, businesses and residents in our community.

By consulting and gaining the views of all. The final plan should identify key facilities and services, set out the problems that need to be tackled and show how the distinctive character and features of the Parish can be conserved. The success or otherwise of the Plan lies in the communities involvement.

The Benefits

  • Provides the evidence and a mechanism for us as a community to influence our local authority, service providers and planners.
  • Enables and encourages the community to take responsibility for their area and to take a lead in what happens now and in the future through the identification and discussion of the key issues facing us.


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